9 Facts About Your Food That Will Shock You


How many times have you looked at your food and thought, ‘what did it take for this to end up on my fork?’ Chances are, almost never. Most of us devour breakfast on the way to work, plow through lunch at our desk, and finish the day with dinner in front of the TV, exhausted. Besides, food is meant to be enjoyed. Pondering the impact it’s having on our health or the planet is a bit of a downer, right?

Well, these startling facts might make you think twice before you take your next bite…

1 Eating more vegetables can help solve erectile dysfunction. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, many of his patients who switched to a plant-based diet have since ditched their Viagra pills and reactivated their sex-life. Who knew kale could be so sexy!?
‘Viagra is simply a pharmaceutical that opens arterial flow. In other words, it counteracts the effects of meat, cheese, and eggs,’ says Barnard.