are you desperate ? you still that skinny tiny dude . her is a list of few ways to get weight as quickly as possible , but make sure to follow these with a good workout , so you don’t end up with just fats instead of muscles


  • make sure to have only two big meals a day these meals should be hight in sugar , also try to avoid having breakfast
  • Try your best to move as little as possible all day long. If you work at a desk job, stay there as much as possible. Get rides to and from your destination and make sure you park or are dropped off as close to the entrance as you can.
  • try to be that lazy ass person who doesn’t move an inch , the more you walk and do some work the you burn all what you had that day , so make sure to not walk too much and stay at home .
  • try to go to bad immediately after a heavy saturated fat sugar meal , try to over eat even if you feel saturated .
  • try to drink too much , what ever you found even alcohol , the most important is you give to your body more than what he need
  • Never get yourself exhausted , try to do nothing at all just eating like a panda do .
  • When parts of your body hurt, ignore the pain, work through it, and do nothing to correct it. Don’t find out what is wrong; just keep doing whatever it is you have been doing.
  • spend the whole day watching tv and have a lot of sugary snack .
  • Drink a lot of sugary drinks like soda , have plenty of it everyday .
  • If you must eat fruit, have a milkshakes with high doze of sugar ,or it comes in a can and is packed in syrup.or even peaces of fruits doped with chocolate , honey or some other kind of high sugar, high fat food.

  • eat junk food and what i mean by this fast food , pizza, sugary fatty dessert


these foods are high in calories,and low in nutrients. not really healthy.but clearly this is what majority of people are having each day, and let be honest , it is not the perfect way to feed your body